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We started our history 7 years ago, not as a travel company but as a medical concierge company.

But at the end of 7 years, not only have we become a premier travel company servicing private clients, but we have also become a human company.

Here is a summary of that story.

Helping overseas medical patients come to Singapore and seek treatment was our specialty. We have helped with over 800 medical patients and sat with them through thousands of hours of consultations with specialist doctors and hundreds of hours of procedures in operating theatres and was able to help in the successful treatment of over 95% of the cases. You will see this reflected in the content we have under our specialist section for medicine.

At the end of this time we realised that we were actually providing the services of a customized travel agency. Taking the time we had with a patient and their family while in Singapore, we not only attended to their medical needs, but also organized all other activities from arranging accommodation to transfers and tours and also very unique private family entertainment while in Singapore.

While doing all this, we never lost our specialty to be a consultant who listens and understands the requirements of our customers.

We also became very good at time management and itinerary planning. Coordinating the medical appointments of several patients and their families every week, bringing everyone together and keeping everyone happy was no easy task but over the years we have designed the tools and the best practices to make this a smooth operation.

We applied these same principals when we started to work with travel destinations. We understand both as a service company and also ourselves as customers, that when you choose to travel, you want to know as much information as possible about the place you will go to and the services you will receive. That is why in all products and services we sell, we have comprehensive materials to explain to you with photos, what you will experience.

This is why we do not sell packages or destinations simply by sourcing and buying from other agents. We only sell what we have experienced ourselves and what we know to be great. We have a special process for selecting the business partners we work with, so that your experience is never compromised.

While all these are possible, they will not be possible without high quality personnel to be able to service you. We go to great lengths to ensure that the staff we recruit and train and retain adopt the same culture and character. That is why you will notice a clear difference when you speak and meet with an executive from our company. The difference that shows that you are important to us. That it is your needs we are here to fulfill. In this we became a human company servicing client needs and keeping customer satisfaction as our number one priority.

To take this one step further, we have also invested and implemented a state of the art information system which is able to give you detailed travel options and itineraries will all required information in a systematic manner and we are proud to be the only company in the world to have a customized software system.

And all of this is done, with you in mind.

There is a saying that says “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page of that book”…. We invite you to open this book with us.


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