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" ... Singapore, 40 years ago, was a perfect swamp with a population equivalent to half a million people. These days, 40 years later, Singapore is a country that has the world's largest currency reserves per capita ... Here is the best education in the world, here is the best health care system in the world. It is Surprising to come to Singapore and see that everything is working properly ... Singapore will become the financial center of Southeast Asia, perhaps the whole Asia , and probably one of the most important financial centers in the world. "

Jim Rogers, the legendary American investor, 2007 and currently resides with his family in Singapore


Apart from the political and financial stability, wealthy families appreciate Singapore confidentiality, access to education for their children in world-class schools, access to modern medicine, the ability to make purchases in the best shopping centers and other facilities in complete safety and a very friendly environment. We invite you to open a company in Singapore that you can use as a starting platform for your business development in Asia. We can also organize your completely smooth moving of your entire family to Singapore.


Benefits of starting a company in Singapore :

  • Register a private company takes less than two hours , and your presence is not required
  • Minimum Capital - S $ 1
  • Foreigners are allowed to have 100% ownership of shares for both individuals and legal entities
  • The number of foreign directors unlimited
  • Owning a company enables you to apply for work visa for foreign directors and special visas for family members ( After obtaining a work visa there is no need in having a nominee director )
  • It takes only just a few hours to open an individual or corporate bank account in Singapore  
  • Legal and consulting firms in Singapore provide with nominee directors / shareholders , company secretaries , registered offices and also settling Accounting
  • Once a year you must provide the accounting statement and file an income tax. A new company can benefit from tax advantages
  • In Singapore, there are no restrictions on the export of capital from the country
  • Singapore has free trade agreements with more than 30 countries
  • A foreigner can own a commercial and residential real estate



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