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Singapore's Education System is recognized as one of the best in the world. The education, to which the country pays a great attention, contributed to the creation of the current success of Singapore. The annual budget allocated to education by the Government of Singapore is S$ 9.7 billion. The Government of Singapore welcomes international students from all over the world. It is planned to attract up to 150,000 of foreign students by 2015. A large number of schools and universities offering educational programs which meet the highest international standards in Singapore. The best specialists work here in such the fields as: of economics and IT, doctors, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, architects.

Singapore offers highly qualified teachers from around the world for the successful growth of the students in educational institutions, world-class opportunity for practical experience, as well as, interesting student life. If you are seriously thinking about getting education abroad and a successful career, then by selecting Singapore you will make the right decision.


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