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Planning your trip for medical purposes - is not easy.

MED Travel offers you and your family professional help in organizing the trip to Singapore for diagnostics/examination and/or treatment.

We take care of everything and provide you with peace of mind at each stage of planning and organization of travel and medical examination / treatment in Singapore.

Based on your request , we will prepare an individual program of examination / treatment, request detailed treatment plan from a qualified doctor (based on your history of the disease ), as well as provide the most accurate calculation of the cost of medical procedures and inform you how many days you need to stay in Singapore for your treatment.

Our section ‘Types and costs of diagnostic procedures in Singapore’  contains detailed information about the costs of major medical procedures in Singapore, as well as a list of services offered based on specialization that you are interested in.

So, you want to know more about treatment in Singapore or perhaps already decided to travel here for treatment, just write or call us!

If you are planning to come to Singapore for treatment or diagnostics to find out how to treat your medical problem, you can scan and send us copies of your medical records beforehand (this may be a medical report, images (MRI, CT, X-rays), Ultrasound reports). We, in turn, formulate a medical problem and send inquiry to relevant specialist based on information received from you.

Be prepared for the fact that often your medical diagnosis can be refuted or questioned. In this case you will again be screened on arrival in Singapore before direct treatment.

If we are talking about a standard, scheduled examination of the body, all we need to know – which tests or procedures you would wish to go through, which specialists you would like to visit, as well as general condition of your health.


Treatment in Singapore From and To:

Application process and medical treatment in Singapore consists of the following stages:

= Initial preparatory stage.

At this stage, we are holding correspondence with you or communicate on important issues by phone / skype.

Services at this stage are as follows:

  • Formulating your request in English and translation of medical reports to provide most comprehensive information to medical specialist about your health.
  • Sending your enquiry to clinic / doctor which specialize in your disease.
  • Sending reply from clinic / doctor to you (usually within 3 working days). It contains such information as treatment plan, the approximate cost of the treatment program, as well as additional services and their cost, which may be required depending on the confirmation / revision of diagnosis.

Once you agree to the proposed treatment, the next step starts:

  • Organizing your trip (it can take up to one work week), here we will help you with:
  • Apply for a visa in Singapore (please read our section ‘Singapore visa’ to learn about rules and types of multiple entry visa)
  • Book accommodation during your stay in Singapore
  • Booking an appointment with medical specialists
  • Transfer services, greeting at the airport upon arrival

The next stage is your coming to Singapore

Here we also take care of everything, because we are directly in Singapore. This means that we:

  • controlling and coordinating the whole process of your treatment and care for the comfort of your stay in Singapore. We are constantly in touch with you!
  • Doctors in Singapore do not speak Russian, so Russian medical coordinator plays an important role and acts as your personal assistant-interpreter - guide. He accompanies you during your visit to doctor, provides professional translation on all your consultations with medical specialists and translate all your questions to doctor and give you useful tips about everything  SIM card, currency exchange, advice on food, excursions and more ) .

After you receive treatment, return home, we will also communicate with you and help you with your further communication with your doctor.


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