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Melbourne, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Come and see this great city with us, but we promise to show you much more than Melbourne, but also the state of Victoria and what she has to offer.

From the famous streets of Melbourne to a private farm stay in a real operating Australian farm, all the way to Mornington peninsular and its famous wineries and strawberry farms, to fun rides on Lamborghinis and para sailing adventures, we can show you how this laid back state can fill you with so much adventure that you will be wanting to go back for more.

Melbourne has its summer period from December - February while the coolest period is from June – August. However the best times to visit Victoria are from September all the way to May, with plenty of sunshine and beautiful weather.

See our attractions and packages and see how we capture all of this great state in our activities. Come and talk to one of our specialists who will be able to better guide you with more detailed information on your upcoming trip to this great city and state.

We welcome you to Melbourne.


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