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For a long time the only option to travel to Thailand or Vietnam was through the Kingdom of Cambodia . Today, this country becomes an Land on its own, ideal for recreation. Today this country has it all - modern hotels, charming beaches , nature reserves , and most importantly – an ancient history and way of life that has been well preserved to this day.

The Government and people of Cambodia today are very careful about its historical legacy . Of course! After all, they really have something to take care of and be proud of.

For example , the temple of Angkor Wat was built in the early 12th century in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu . This is one of the largest temple complexes ever built by man kind. This structure is a UNESCO world heritage site. Angkor Wat , unlike other temples that were not used after the  XV century, was not completely abandoned. It survived thanks in part to the moat , which provided some protection from encroachment by the inhabitants of the jungle . More than two million tourists visit this place every year.

Cambodia is ideal for those who enjoy a relaxing vacation, and for adventure seekers. Beyond the usual tourist bus tours you can choose tours on bikes or bicycles.

For larger families there is a variety of comfortable hotel with all amenities. Those of you who wish to get acquainted with the culture of this amazing country as close as possible and plunge into the life of the local population , can stay in the home of a local family and life through their eyes.

Description of standard packages presented on our website . Moreover, we can arrange a tour according to your individual request . Please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


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