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Covered by two oceans - the Indian and Pacific - Bali ( " Island of the Gods" ) is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Bali welcomes you with green rice terraces, coconut palms, volcanic mountains, tropical jungles healing mineral springs, and some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters the world has to offer. The Island has carefully preserved their national traditions - you will become witnesses and even take part in some of the exotic rituals and colorful Hindu ceremonies. 

Bali gained fame as an earthly paradise, serene abode of the gods. This volcanic island, warmed by bright sunshine and refreshing rain showers, has been the main attraction of Indonesia. To date there is a chain of six active volcanoes on the Northern tip of Bali.

Come and experience Bali with us. Using our extensive network of hotels and the customized tours which take you to see the private life of Bali, we are sure that you will keep coming back to this magical island. We have also put together customized packages taking into consideration the most unique and best hotels, and combining them with our premium tours. Ask us for our 20 page photo brochures of these tours and get a feel of what it really means to visit Bali, the Island of Gods.




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