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Welcome to the perfect beach holiday you will ever take. Where you will be surrounded by the crystal blue water and the most breathe taking corals you will see for a very long time.

Maldives has been a premium tourist destination for the past 40 years. With 40 years comes a lot of experience and expertise in how to make your ideal beach holiday a true memory to remember

The islands of male are situated south of India and are a collection of 1,190 islands of which only 200 are inhabited. With a population of under 400,000 and private islands to explore, this will be quite an adventure. The weather in Maldives can be broken down into 2 seasons. The dry season extending from January – March and the wet season extending from middle of May – November. Each premium resort is designated its own island and the feeling of privacy is maximized. Also, with a large number of uninhabited islands, you can always organize a private retreat on an island just for you.

Travel with us to Maldives, and let us show you the true beauty of this magical archipelago where you will feel as if you are living a dream.



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