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Vietnam, full official form - Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) - a state in Southeast Asia, located on the Indochina Peninsula. To the west, it borders with Laos and Cambodia in the north - with China, east and south bordering the South China Sea.

The formation of Vietnamese culture strongly influenced by the major religious and philosophical teachings of the East - Buddhism and Confucianism - with whom the country hit and relevant artistic traditions of India and China.

Also, despite the foreign influences in a rural environment formed a national cultural tradition - ding- lang. It consisted of religious ideas, complex rites and rituals, religious architecture and sculpture, folk painting. And many kinds of traditional art, although undergone some changes, preserved today. 

In the XI-XII centuries Buddhism became the state religion has a strong influence on various spheres of life in Vietnam. Unprecedented level reaches the construction of temples, pagodas and monasteries. However, constructions of that period almost did not survive, the ideas of them can make only according to the excavations and the inscriptions on the memorial steles. Indispensable attribute of 

the temple decor were images of a dragon, which was one of the four sacred animals, along with a phoenix, unicorn and tortoise. Dragon was considered the ancestor of Vietnamese and patron revered as the host element of water.

Motive of the four sacred animals, which sometimes adds four sacred animals - fish, bat, mythical crane and tiger - the most common in the decorative arts of Vietnam. Other common elements are " eight precious objects ", symbolizing wealth and education - the fruit of pumpkin, tip brush, a fan of fig leaves, a flute, a basket of flowers, a sword, a gong, a broom made ​​of feathers; " eight fruits" - peach, pomegranate, plum, pear, the fruit of the "hand of Buddha", grapes, Calabash, round pumpkin; "four plants " - peach blossom,

 chrysanthemum, bamboo, orchid, "the four seasons."

Seasonality in Vietnam.


Best time to visit the north of Vietnam - autumn. To visit the Center of Vietnam - the summer months and September. To visit the south of Vietnam - from January to March, November and December. At this time, usually dry, cool weather.



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